Round 3 Saturday 13th April

W 07 D vs St Patricks

Fantastic sportsmanship displayed by today by the girls we had a great win 12-1 and since the other team didn’t have any subs to bring on they were happy to drop to 3 players to give them a chance.
Not once did they boast to the other team about having more goals. Great passing and sharing the goals Tammy-May passing to Hayley so she could get her first goal ever. They all played so well and have come a long way since the start of last season.
I felt very proud of all our players today and grateful to know the family’s that are raising such amazing young people.

Round 2 Saturday 6th April

W 08 B vs Como Jannali

The girls were excited to play their game (finally).
We had a 2-2 all draw with Como Jannali. We came back from 2-0 at half time.
A major learning curve and transition from last year, but the girls were amazing.
Our parent and family supporters were fabulous. Encouraging, cheering and supportive.
A big thanks to Harper Manfre’s Grandma, Carmela,  who brought fruit and amazing cupcakes for the girls. It was so lovely.
On a seperate note, our team is going to do “3,2,1” this year. Glenn has counted all the votes and Ava Taylor was awarded 2 points, Grace Andrews awarded 2 points and Mila Carrier awarded 2 points.

07 E vs Georges River

Great effort boys to start the year. Superstar effort by Mitch J with 5 goals! Great defending by Jake F and Mitch M who never gave up. Jake W showed some great skills turning the ball around up the sideline and Hayden Fuller with a man of the match performance was strong all over the field. Looking forward to another fun season!